Lavender & Calendula Bath Salts

Lavender & Calendula Bath Salts

Nothing beats a relaxing, fragranced soak in the bath. We have an attractive and therapeutic bath salt recipe which we would love to share with you.

The beauty of this recipe is that it couldn’t be easier to make, looks beautiful on display as well as making wonderful homemade gifts for birthday and christmas presents. Children and adults love these bath salts and when you read the properties of the ingredients below, you will completely understand why!

Epsom salts are a fantastic addition to any bath as they are renowned to relax sore muscles, reduce pain and inflammation as well as give you a better night sleep due to the magnesium content.

Lavender is a wonderful plant as it promotes calmness, reduces stress, anxiety as well as being said to reduce mild pain.



  • Mixing Bowl
  • Jar or container - we used test tubes which looks great if you are gifting - Buy Here


  1. In your mixing bowl, add your desired quantity of epsom salts (to fit your container of choice)

  2. Add your chosen essential oil to the epsom salt & stir well. We have used lavender oil as it has amazing properties, but this is optional. We recommend that you don't add more than 2% lavender oil of your overall recipe. For example if you are using 100g of epsom salt, then add a maximum of 2g/ml of essential oil.

  3. For aesthetic purposes, you can choose to add dried lavender or calendula petals to your bath salts. This is a great option if you are gifting the bath salts.

  4. Spoon the salts into your container and the bath salt are now ready! If gifting, you can always add a handwritten label and ribbon/twine to finish the look.

You can also amend the recipe by using different essential oils or other dried botanicals such as rose petals. If you do not want to use dried flowers/petals, you can always add some Pink Himalayan salt to add a nice rosy hue.



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