Meet The Maker

Hello & Welcome

I'm Clare and I set up Simply Ewe in 2018 (although the idea was in place a couple of years before hand).  I had been making my own soap with ewe's milk as I had suffered with terrible eczema and ewe's milk was recommended to me.  It created a lovely creamy bar which was gentle on my skin. 

I had started experimenting with making my own skincare products during my eczema journey as I was horrified at what preservatives were hidden in my day-to-day products. 

And that was the start of Simply Ewe! During 2021 I will be developing a range of preservative free skincare products specifically aimed at those who have sensitive/problem skin. 

If you are looking to make your own skincare products, check out our blog which I run with my sister Vicky who also has her own skincare business (Naturally Kunewyk).  We try to add a new recipe every week, and we have personally tested each one!

Clare x